Fast titles. How can I import subtitles in Final Cut

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Fast Titles is an application designed to import subtitles in Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Pro 7 via XML just with a copy and paste. It s’a web app, so nothing should be installed on your computer but it is accessible via browser, and is completely free.


Insert subtitles is a very long and tedious job because Final Cut does not allow you to import an entire text and divide it into clips. So the only way to subtitle a video is to arm yourself with patience and copy a title at a time, each within a clip. This can be time-consuming to video editors, so we started to develop an automatic solution. So Fast Titles was born.

Go to the App

How to use Fast Titles:

  • Paste the subtitles in the text area.
  • Select the version of Final Cut you are using.
  • Select how you want the subtitles to be divided:

Automatic – The program creates a new subtitle every 50 characters. To create shorter subtitles just to wrap at the point where you want to break the subtitle:
Manual – The division of the subtitles is completely up to you. To separate a subtitle on the other you have to go to the keyboard boss

  • Click Download and download the file.

Import subtitles in Final Cut

The downloaded file is an XML file. You can open it in Final Cut by double-clicking. The program will ask you to choose a library for your subtitles and then it will start the import. Now there is a new event called subtitles and contains all titles already divided. For each compound corresponds to a subtitle clip.


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